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New Tundra: Out-Maxing the Vortec Max?

New Tundra: Out-Maxing the Vortec Max?

Posted November 27 2006 12:48 PM by Edward A. Sanchez 
Filed under: Opinions, Trend Observations, Truck News , Toyota

2007 Toyota Tundra

Based on an ostensible leak from a journalist on MSNBC, many believe the top engine in the new Tundra, the 5.7L iForce V-8, will have as much as 381 horsepower when it finally goes on sale, and final power figures are announced. There has been no official confirmation or denial on this figure from Toyota. However, considering how much they want to overcome the "7/8ths" reputation they were unfortunately saddled with based on the size of the last Tundra, I wouldn't put it past them to pack their big hoss with as many ponies as they could.      

If this power figure is actually true, this would mean Toyota's top engine will one-up the 6.0L Vortec Max in the new Silverado by at least 14 horsepower. Who knows how much torque we're talking about. Although I think it's a safe assumption Toyota's new V-8 will comfortably possess in the neighborhood of 400 lb./ft.

Now, within the greater GM full-size truck universe, there is the Sierra Yukon Denali, which packs 400 horsepower and 417 lb./ft. with its 6.2L V-8 shared with the Escalade. But Toyota is going after the "meat" of the full-size market, which means the Silverado, F-150, Ram and the "regular" Sierra. When it comes to horsepower wars, it's sometimes tricky to see exactly what's coming, and if true, the Toyota's power output will be a shocking surprise to the General.

Full-size trucks have been one of the last few safe havens of the domestic automakers that they could consistently count on for strong sales. However, the battering ram that is Toyota has made it clear they're taking no prisoners with the new Tundra. While the Tundra is not going to bury the Silverado and F-150 overnight, it is far better-equipped this time around than it has been in the past, and has the goods to inflict much greater market-share erosion.

I'm not picking a side in this fight, but I can safely say don't expect this salvo to go without some retaliation down the road. Ford has resurrected the "Hurricane" engine project, and GM is continuing development on the small-block. It's looking like 400 horsepower may very well be the new 300 horsepower for full-size gasoline V-8s.

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