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Pioneer Navigation Models AVIC-N1 and AVIC-N2

Blank Screen? You're Not the Only One!

Pioneer Navigation Models AVIC-N1 and AVIC-N2
Posted February 21 2007 12:57 PM by 5569 
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Having problems with your AVIC-N1 or AVIC-N2 In-Dash Navigation Receiver? Read this notice from Pioneer before you decide to use it as a drag plate.

Important: Notice and FAQ about Upgraded Flex-Cable for Flip Screen in Navigation Models AVIC-N1 and AVIC-N2

January 3, 2007
Dear Valued Customer:
Re: Upgraded Flex-Cable for Flip Screen in Navigation Models AVIC-N1 and AVIC-N2
We would like to inform you of a potential service issue with Pioneer's AVIC-N1 and AVIC-N2.  If you are not experiencing any issues currently, there is no need to take immediate action because the one-time fix to resolve the issue will be available if an AVIC-N1 or AVIC-N2 later experiences the service issue.  Importantly, the service issue does not pose any health or safety risk.
Pioneer is aware of a potential issue with the flex-cable powering the flip screen to the AVIC-N1 and the AVIC-N2.  After a number of power cycles, the cable has been observed to fail and cause the unit to malfunction (symptoms may include, but are not limited to, the flip-screen becoming blank) -- flex-cable failure can only be confirmed by Pioneer; standard service charges may apply for service issues not related to the flex-cable upgrade.
This issue may affect almost all AVIC-N1 units and AVIC-N2 units.  Please contact Pioneer at the number listed below if you have a question about whether your AVIC-N1 or AVIC-N2 unit is affected by this issue, or if a specific malfunction affecting your AVCI-N1 or AVIC-N2 is related to this issue.
To address this issue, Pioneer is providing a one-time cable upgrade to consumers for their AVIC-N1 and AVIC-N2 at no charge to consumers for parts and labor.  Pioneer will offer the free upgrade either upon request or automatically if an affected unit is serviced for another reason.  Pioneer will exclusively perform the free cable upgrade for all units (i.e., no other service facility should perform the cable upgrade).
If you own an AVIC-N1 or AVIC-N2 and you are experiencing the service issue, please contact Pioneer Customer Service toll free at 800-421-1603 to arrange for the cable upgrade.  Pioneer service representatives are available Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. (Eastern Time).
Customers who have paid for the cable upgrade are eligible for reimbursement of certain service costs if sufficient proof of service can be provided -- please contact Pioneer at the above-listed phone number for more information regarding reimbursement rules.
Customers can also review FAQs regarding this service issue.  Click here to view the FAQs.
We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this service issue may cause you, and we thank you for your cooperation and continued support of Pioneer.
Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc.

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