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lake havasu city havoc truck show


lake havasu city havoc truck show
Posted May 7 2007 11:11 AM by S-Turn 
Filed under: Opinions, Past Events

I guess the trucks needed some shade, too.

We just got back from Lake Havasu City last weekend where we went to the Havoc show. There were good-quality trucks to look at, but, man was it hot. I knew that when the radio report predicted "unseasonably warm temperatures", that I was going to have to bring my spf10000000 sunblock and a camel to haul extra cases of water to the show. People hid underneath their easy ups and in the shade of their lifted trucks during the afternoons. It was like watching lions languishing in the heat of the African Serengeti while their overheated prey lies right next to them:

"Dude, can you get me a Coke?"
"Nah...too hot. Get it yourself."
"Dude, too hot to move. C'Mon, just grab it for me, it's in the cooler. Right next to you."
"Awright. Lifting arm...pushing open cooler lid...must....get....Coca...Cola...."

Still, I think people had a good time. And like I said, the trucks were quality. Truckin' got a lot of features out the event, and the show pulled from Vegas, Phoenix, and Southern California. There's room for the show to grow, too, and, at the spot that it was set up in and, unseasonably warm temps aside, Havasu aint a bad place to visit for this sort of thing. Hey, if anyone reading this was there, tell me what you thought about the show.

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