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Study shows aggressive initial throttle saves fuel

Floor it: The new way to drive green

Study shows aggressive initial throttle saves fuel
Posted April 26 2007 10:35 AM by Edward A. Sanchez 
Filed under: Opinions, Tech Tips, Trend Observations, Truck News

GMC Sierra Burnout

REUTERS - Thursday, 26 April 2007 - A British automotive engineering consultancy claims to have unearthed proof that putting your foot down hard on the accelerator can actually be more fuel efficient than driving more conservatively.

Dr. Steve Cousins from Axon Automotive told the Sunday Times newspaper that "the key to saving fuel is to accelerate hard until the engine reaches 2000rpm, move up a gear, then put your foot down until you reach 2000rpm again."

It's all to do with internal friction, he apparently said, explaining that the engine works at its most efficient when the accelerator is pressed, although the fuel economy benefits do apparently start to diminish above 2000rpm.

The Sunday Times notes that tests carried out in a Citroen C1 proved Dr Cousins' theory to be true, and that his driving technique was 8.5% more fuel efficient than following the government's 'eco-safe driving' advice, which encourages only light pressing of the accelerator pedal.

At the recent 'Sexy Green Car Show' at The Eden Project in Cornwall, Axon Automotive encouraged people to drive in the most fuel efficient way with a rev-counter which indicates the best time to change gear in order to save on fuel.

Our Take: So much for those wimpy self-righteous hybrid drivers clogging up the fast lane. Okay, so it doesn't exactly say "burnouts save gas." But this is vindication for enthusiasts that have driven like this for years. Put the pedal to the metal and "get 'er done!"

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