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Your Vote Counts!!

What new truck builds do you want to see?

Your Vote Counts!!
Posted May 16 2007 01:06 PM by Big H 
Filed under: Opinions, About Features/Should-Be Features

El Camaro

We have some new projects already in motion but there is room for plenty more. What would you like to see?

Alright, you guys already know about Bob Ryder's '50 Chevy Suburban project and Brandan Gillogly's '68 Chevy C10 that's inching forward towards completion. Behind the scenes Dan Ward is looking into a Ford F-100 unibody and Steve Warner has a new truck and boat in the works featuring a '07 Chevy Silverado and Eliminator boat. There is a couple little tech tidbits left on our Project Sinatra Ford Super Crew so what's left? That is up to you guys and your choices. If you don't choose then we'll choose for you. Something in a SUV new or old or maybe a square body '73 - '87 Chevy C10? What about an EL Camino or something totally off the line like El Camaro? Maybe a Dodge Ram or something else? Let us know now! WHAT TRUCKS DO YOU WANT TO SEE BUILT IN THE MAGAZINE?

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