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Hummer H2 may be discontinued

H2: RIP?

Hummer H2 may be discontinued
Posted May 25 2007 09:02 AM by Edward A. Sanchez 
Filed under: Opinions, Trend Observations, Truck News

2008 Hummer H2

Rumors are flying that the iconic Hummer H2 SUV may be getting the axe in the not-to-distant future. Sales of the big bruiser SUV have fallen with each successive model year. Also, since the introduction of the trimmer H3, the smaller Hummer has dominated the division's sales, accounting for more than 74 percent of sales for 2006.

Faced with ever-increasing fuel prices, along with the H2's reputation as poster child of indifferent gluttony by the environmental-activist left, there's little hope for a major sales turnaround at this point.

Likewise, GM has been indifferent to enthusiasts' calls for a Duramax diesel option, which would increase the H2's fuel efficiency substantially, as well as increase torque and towing capacity. These two factors combined have conspired to likely put the H2 on the chopping block in the next few years.

So what's coming next? The long-rumored H4 is still a nebulously-defined idea at this point, with rumors ranging from a car-based crossover type vehicle, to a rugged, no-nonsense Jeep Wrangler fighter. But the Hummer brand, if it survives at all, will likely soldier on as a trimmer, fitter brand, that will emphasize ruggedness and capability over sheer bulk and menacing styling.

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