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Chevrolet Colorado V-8

Colorado gets 295hp option for '08

Chevrolet Colorado V-8
Posted June 13 2007 04:52 PM by Brandan 
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Autoblog just broke the story that many Chevrolet truck fans have been waiting for. After complaints of not enough towing capacity and power from their compact trucks, GM is gracing the Colorado's engine bay with a V-8.

The question had to be at the back of a lot of enthusiasts minds. If the H3 would be getting a 5.3L V-8, why not the Colorado? Although most people assume that the Colorado and Canyon are build on the same GMT-360 chassis as the Trailblazer and Envoy (and (9-7x, and Ascender, and Bravada, and Ranier), they are actually on the GMT-355 platform, a smaller, related chassis that was sourced for the H3. The often-praised 4.2L straight 6 that powered the aforementioned GMT-360 vehicles wouldn't quite fit in the GMT-355. But, with the recent criticism of the 3.5L H3, GM decided to increase the power in the H3, first by upping the displacement to 3.7L for 2007, and finally announcing the introduction of the V-8-powered H3 Alpha. The news today was icing oon the cake. Hopefully GM will allow the V-8 option for all trim levels, and not make it a big dollar option. The 4 and 5-cylinder DOHC motors had to be expensive to build, especially since they were only built for a handful of vehicles, and GM makes tons of V-8s, so there's some economy of scale here. So, what will the introduction of a V-8 Colorado mean to small-truck enthusiasts? For me, it's made me look at the truck in a whole new light. I've always liked the Colorado's looks, well, not the base models, but definitely the Xtreme, although I couldn't get too excited about the 5-cylinder engine, even though it made plenty of power for a truck that size. With the huge aftermarket potential of the GM Gen IV V-8s, there's no telling what we will see in the not-too-distant future. Mustang-owners might have a new stoplight nemesis before the Camaro hits the streets.

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