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A Not-So-Warm Office Park Welcome

Good Morning to You Too!

A Not-So-Warm Office Park Welcome
Posted June 20 2007 12:30 PM by Edward A. Sanchez 
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Parking Warning Sticker

With grande corporate-brand coffee in hand, I wheeled into the office parking lot like on any other day. With caffeine coursing through my veins at this hour of the day, I was fully prepared to take on the day with a positive smile.

No more than about 15 minutes into the day, a co-worker popped in and asked, "Does anyone know about what's going on out in the parking lot?" Somewhat puzzled, I asked "What are you talking about?" He then went on to inform me that a gentleman was going around slapping obnoxious bright neon-green stickers informing owners of their impending impound-lot doom if they do not comply and put an official parking permit on their vehicle.

Parking Warning Sticker Closeup

In the six plus months that I've worked at this location, I was not once informed of the necessity of a parking permit. Interestingly, neither were the majority of my co-workers, including my manager, who has been here for more than a year.

It seems a disgruntled employee in another office suite griped to the property management company that there were a shortage of parking spaces, hence the need to enforce the heretofore unenforced parking permit requirement.

All I can say to the parking Napoleon and the un-named snitch that narked us all out, is it's a good thing that I had my coffee that morning, or else it could have gotten a lot uglier. 

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