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Lincoln Mark LT to be dropped after 2008

So Long, Longhorn Lincoln

Lincoln Mark LT to be dropped after 2008
Posted September 4 2007 11:45 AM by Edward A. Sanchez 
Filed under: Opinions, Truck News , Ford

2008 Lincoln Mark LT

It's been said, a difference, to be a difference, has to make a difference. I'm sure I've used that saying before in a blog post somewhere, but it fits in this case, so I'm going to recycle it. (Eat your heart out, Al Gore.)

Such is the case with the story of the Lincoln Mark LT. Following in the ill-fated footsteps of the Blackwood pickup, the LT was a more conventional take on an upscale luxury truck that emphasized utility over aesthetics, in the hopes that it would appeal to a larger segment of the population than the unusual and impractical Blackwood.

However, in this case, perhaps the LT was a little too conventional. Other than a chromey grille, and a slightly nicer interior, it was virtually indistinguishable from its blue-collar counterpart, the F-150. The Navigator, with its uniquely styled interior and exclusive amenities, was different enough to justify its price premium over the Expedition, never mind the fact it shared an identical powertrain. GM has avoided this with its full-size SUVs, and there is a significant difference in power and displacement between the Chevy Tahoe and Cadillac Escalade.  

So would the Mark LT have fared better with more differentiation between itself and the F-150? Who knows? Was there really much of a market for a Lincoln pickup in the first place? A fully-equipped F-150 Lariat has nearly all the bells & whistles of the Lincoln, minus the shiny grille, and for less money. At least in the case of the Cadillac Escalade EXT, it has more equipment and a bigger engine than the Chevy Avalanche to justify its Manhattan boutique pricetag.

A truly unique interior, a substantially different powertrain, and maybe a few more exterior tweaks might have made the difference. Then again, it might have just been more money down the flusher for Ford, if the flat-line sales of the conspicuously different Blackwood were any indication. I guess Lincoln pickup fans will now have to shop across the street at the Wreath & Crest store, or "settle" for the Blue Oval special. 

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