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What to Blog when there's No News

The Blog About Nothing

What to Blog when there's No News
Posted September 27 2007 10:21 AM by Edward A. Sanchez 
Filed under: Opinions, Trend Observations, Funny Stories


The world of digital media is an unforgiving place. The pace is often frantic, and the web is an insatiable beast constantly demanding to be fed. I wish I could say I was immune to this reality. Unfortunately I am not. Part of my job description is writing blogs. Around auto shows and events, it's no problem, as there's usually ample material to blog about.

But every now and then, you hit an informational drought, where the OEMs are holding off any major annoucements about new products until the next big auto show, or dealing with the aftermath of the first nationwide strike in more than 30 years (as GM is doing now). Nothing can be said about the strike or its effects by me that hasn't been said ad nauseum by every other office-chair media quarterback. So I won't bore you with my rants on it here.

Anyway, back to my point. When there's simply not a lot of material in the webosphere to blog about, I'm at a loss for what to write. Unfortunately, I don't have a project lingering in my garage that I can give daily or even weekly updates about. Heck, I don't even own a truck! I don't have a kid that I can post cute pictures of online, nor are my weekends particulary exciting and blog-worthy.

So much like the original premise of the show Seinfeld, I'm writing a blog about nothing. Actually, I'd like to know what you, the site visitor, would like me to blog about. Do you want to hear about my riveting daily routine, which often consists of going to Starbucks before I come into work, turning on my computer, checking my E-mail, and moderating the forums? Do you want to hear my views of geopolitical developments? My rants against various OEMs and their short-sightedness, or how I wish I was a multi-millionaire playing with my power toys that I keep in my 8-car garage?

Please, I beseech you! (If you don't know what "beseech" means, look it up here.) Give me some ideas! Your resident Web geek thanks you.

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