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Reader Spots Future Vehicle Out Testing!

What on Earth Is That Thing?

Reader Spots Future Vehicle Out Testing!
Posted October 22 2007 03:00 PM by Balboa455 
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Mystery SUV Spotted

Have you ever been driving down the road, minding your own business, when an odd looking grey colored vehicle goes speeding past you with body cladding and a seemingly endless array of tape trying to hide its shape?  What you have probably seen is a manufacturer out testing a future vehicle. What for exactly, they only know. Most often here in Southern california I wager it is for traffic testing and in the lovely death valley area, hot weather testing. The first time I ever witnessed it first hand was right before the BMW Z3 came out maybe ten years ago and one flew past me on the 10 freeway in Los Angeles. As I tried to catch a glimpse of its shape, I was then nearly driven off the road by a buzzing swarm of 3 and 5 series with "distributor" liscence plates.

So back to the original question, have you ever seen a truck, van or SUV out testing on the road yourself? Well, some of our more eagle eyed and prepared readers have. Kelly Scott of Toluca Lake, CA spotted this SUV sitting in lovely LA traffic and quickly snapped a picture with her digital camera. To her, the SUV appeared to be one of the GM Lambda platform mates (GMC Acadia, Buick Enclave etc.) but appeared to have somewhat of a redesigned front engine area. Could this be they are testing a new small block V8 for these hot selling crossovers? Lack of power has been the major criticism of the vehicles and a V8 option would be one way for GM to fix that. (Like in the Hummer H3 anyone?) We at are always big fans of increased power, displacement and cylinder count. So this camoflauged SUV could mean good news for Truck enthusiasts with burgeoning family needs.

Please, share with us your thoughts on what you think this disguised vehicle might be. And if you are in a position to safely take a photo of a camoflauged test vehicle you see yourself, send it to us via email. Maybe we will even feature it on one of our websites. You just might get a photo of the next big thing in truck design!

To post your story or photo from a close encounter with a disguised vehicle, click here

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