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Sold my beat-up old truck

Goodbye to the Red Dragon

Sold my beat-up old truck
Posted March 27 2008 04:52 PM by Brandan 
Filed under: Editorials, Observations

1992 Chevy Blazer

I sold my daily driver last week. I use the term loosely, because I didn't drive it every day, and by the time I sold it, I could barely drive it at all. We called her the "Red Dragon," because the parallels were hard to ignore.

For any of you who have never seen "Old School" (go rent it now. scratch that, go out and BUY it), the Red Dragon is Will Ferrell's Trans Am that's a little rough around the edges. When people tell him it's loud, he takes it as a compliment, and he brags that it's "not exactly street legal". My Red Dragon was a '92 Blazer that was loud, dirty, ugly, and just all around worn out. I could fill this blog with the things that were wrong with it, but so sum it up, the Red Dragon was driven hard (280,000+ miles) and it was just done. The photo you see is my last moments with the Red Dragon at a wrecking yard. Yep, I sold her to a salvage yard so that she may live on in several trucks, Blazers, Tahoes, and Yukons. I can’t say which yard I sold her to, because I’m not even supposed to have these photos. Senior Editor Dan Ward was asked to leave the property for shooting this photo, even though at that point, the truck was still my property. But, if you consider the fact that I drove there from our office, and I never got the truck out of 1st gear, you could probably figure it out. Now I’m a pedestrian, looking for a new daily driver. I’ve already cooked up some schemes to have something that’s fun to drive and still reliable, but we’ll see what my wallet can handle. A lot of you guys have asked for budget builds, you might just get your wish.


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