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Diesels...when is it going to stop?

$5.00 a gallon and 8 MPG

Diesels...when is it going to stop?
Posted March 27 2008 04:21 PM by DanWard-Editor 
Filed under: Opinions, Opinions, Opinions, Trend Observations, Chevy


I love the torque a tuned and built diesel engine can produce, but with gas costing your first born, when are people going to say enough is enough?

Rumor has it, in '09 a bill is going to be passed to make it illegal to tap into your truck's ECU and change any type of settings. That instantly changes our market, especially the guys who like to go fast (like all of us). Gas and diesel prices are so high right now, with no signs of letting up and it makes me wonder when truck owners are gonna say "screw it"!!!! I hate hybrids and if need be, I reckon I could get some more excercise and ride my bicycle to work and still work on my show truck....right?

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