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It's a tough job, but someone has to blow stuff up!

Things that go BOOM!!!

It's a tough job, but someone has to blow stuff up!
Posted April 18 2008 02:28 PM by DanWard-Editor 
Filed under: Editorials, About Features/Should-Be Features, Trend Observations, GMC, Blessings and Beatings

Explosive 1

I'm sitting at the airport in Chicago and looking at pictures I took last night of explosions.  There has been an earth quake, bombs, and....

I'm not joking. Bombs. OK, so they were professionally made bombs created by SWAT and Explosive officers, but bombs nevertheless. You see, I wanted to shoot a cool new cover for an upcoming issue and the TIMM Brothers, check them out at had the idea to blow stuff up. I'm a big kid, so I laughed and said...."huh, sounds cool to me". And then there I was with a camera in front of my face and bombs going off. It was awesome. Legal, sure was because I was with the cops, fun, sure was, and one heck of a cover-! Check out the photo and then go sign up for your local law enforcement.

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