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Custom micro-minis with American style

JDM boxes + Classic Iron = ???

Custom micro-minis with American style
Posted May 1 2008 03:04 PM by Brandan 
Filed under: Editorials, Observations, Trend Observations

retro mini vans

I visit a lot of websites to learn about the latest truck and SUV releases and to keep up on the rumors, but every now and then those sites turn up something that relates perfectly with our hobby.

orange retro mini van

Apparently there are at least a few builders in Japan swapping old Chevy, Ford, and Dodge sheet metal onto their itty-bitty econoboxes.  OK, so swapping isn't doing them any justice, because they have to scale everything down to make it work, but I think they look pretty good, in fact, much better than I'd ever thought they could.  I'm a tall guy, so there's probably no way I'd actually fit in anything like this, but wow, the quality is up there!  I know that the Vanphiles have made a big showing on our website (Thanks guys!), so maybe this is something they'll really appreciate.  I can see it now, the ultimate 80s combo, an A-team-painted van with a micro version that deploys from a ramp in the back, Knight Rider style.

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