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Big trucks are still needed!

Funny, or is it?

Big trucks are still needed!
Posted May 15 2008 07:31 AM by DanWard-Editor 
Filed under: Opinions, Opinions, Opinions, Blessings and Beatings


This little comic strip caught my eye, but it's not really that funny.

I get it, hybrids are good, big trucks are bad. Only, I don't buy it. I don't care what the government says about fuel consumption or the poor dinosaurs ( I mean they weren't too smart anyways), trucks are still very much needed. On my way to work, I have little hybrids cutting me off with their heads held high and thinking they're saving the planet, but what happens when they need to move or need to haul something, or heaven forbid tow a trailer, car, boat, motorcycle, or (fill in the blank). My truck is a fullsize truck. It takes good old fashioned premium gas (yes it has a supercharger) and whereas it is a little painful filling it up, I've come to peace with my ride and my place on the fuel food chain. I don't think my truck is better than a small compact hybrid but I do take comfort in knowing that in a recent accident, my truck was damaged but I wasn't. In that same accident, if I was in an econo-box, I wouldn't be typing this right now. Trucks will never go away and the next time a hybrid cuts you off with their high-and-mighty attitude, get in front of them and show them that fullsize rear bumper.

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