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Say Hello To My Little Friend

Where Do Cars Go To Die?

Say Hello To My Little Friend
Posted June 16 2008 03:13 PM by DanWard-Editor 
Filed under: Opinions, Observations, Funny Stories, Chevy, Blessings and Beatings

dead cars

I witnessed firsthand as a poor little Geo Metro went from econo box to a box full of rubble. Funny how a 15,000 ton press works.   

After being asked to destroy all of my film, which of course I didn't do, the site manager for a local wrecking yard kindly escorted me and my camera off the premises. I was told, in multiple languages I might add, that cameras were off limits on their property. Photographers, especially ones with short fuses like myself, hate to hear that so I began to raise the blood pressure of the goober. Once I left the property, I drove to the public area, aka. the sidewalk, and then busted out my big telephoto lens to take a photo much like you see here. I did take this photo and if the owner or site manager is reading this, Jog On!
This is what happens to cars when they die. They leak, cry a little, and then get shipped off for scraps. Gotta love physics.

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