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Ironworks Crew Gives Sublime A New Look

Sublime Gets A New Lid

Ironworks Crew Gives Sublime A New Look
Posted August 13 2008 02:52 PM by Bob Ryder 
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The dedicated crew at  Ironworks in Bakersfield headed up by Rodger Lee have been helping with my ol' '50 Sub, "Sublime".

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Prior to delivering Sublime to Ironworks, Dan Dowdy and Dale Taylor at Hot Rods By Dowdy in Dolan Springs, Arizona chopped the top three-inches, removed the C-pillars, then sectioned the body, doors, cowl and hood three-inches keeping the entire body proportional.

To bring you up speed regarding my Sublime project, we recently lowered it's roof profile by performing a lobotomy. Brycen Smith, at Ironworks removed the upper portion of the roof to eliminate it's tall crown. Then he created a flatter lower profile roof using two 16-gauge steel sheets and an English wheel.  The new scalp was attached using Klico rivets then tack welded in place. By removing the roofs crown we eliminated another four inches of the overall profile of Sublime.
We have chopped the roof three-inches, sectioned the body, doors, cowl and hood three-inches and now have pan caked the roof four-inches,  if I do the math correctly we have lowered the original Suburban's profile a total of 10-inch!

Can we say, HAMMERED!

What do you think?

Bob Ryder

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