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Try 2B Creative
Posted August 28 2008 11:30 AM by Bob Ryder 
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The two major factors of the "Creative Writing" equation, are surroundings and enviornment.

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Having been in the media/publishing business as an editor of automotive/truck magazines for the past 14-years I have come to the conclusion, for a creative writer to be productive he or she needs a pleasurable enviornment to work in. A creative mind is stimulated by its surroundings, meaning a creative writer's mind needs to utilize his or her visionary sense while gazing in silent bliss. When thought gazing it is nice to have a window to peer out of while your mind is searching in an effort to capture that descriptive word, sentence, or phrase.

They say, "sometime you don't realize how good you had it, until it is gone".

Well that's kind of what happened when Source Interlink moved the Truckin' Editorial staff from our previous location on the 7th floor to the 11th floor of the Stadium Tower. On the 7th floor we had cubicles with no walls, you might call them convertible cubicles. The entire floor had no barriers, or internal walls it was all open and very spacious. Our exterior view from our convertible cubicles was very picturesque with floor to ceiling glass windows that ran the entire length of the floor. A view of the distant San Gabriel, San Bernardino, and San Jacinto mountian ranges with the Honda Center home of the NHL Ducks, the 57 freeway, and Hooters were in the foreground.

Our new non-convertible cubicles are not very glamorous with their enclosed, six foot walls with no windows to gaze out of while mind searching for those descriptive words, sentences, or phrases. Of course our editors and upper management personnel have spacious windowed offices with views of the outdoor surroundings.

I Love My Job...
Still, Livin' A Dream!

Bob Ryder    


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