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Avoiding the Inevitable

Master Procrastinator

Avoiding the Inevitable
Posted August 27 2008 03:38 PM by Edward A. Sanchez 
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Discs on Desk

We're all guilty of it on some level or another. Something we know we need to do, but avoid doing. Maybe it's because it's boring, uncomfortable, or simply not that high a priority.

As strange or silly as this sounds, my "tower of terror" is the every-increasing stack of archive DVDs beginning to accumulate on my desk. Worst of all, I know exactly what to do with them and how to organize them. But in the greater scheme of things, organizing them just hasn't been my biggest priority.

But with a postage-stamp sized desk so generously given to me by my department's management, every square inch of space counts, and the situation is starting to get critical. So my options are as follows: 1) Come in early some day, and go through the tedious task of sorting and filing the discs; 2) Stay late and do same; or 3) Pass the task off to some unsuspecting underling. However, being the perfectionist control-freak that I am, I live in constant fear of people screwing up, and me having to go back in and re-do whatever work they've already done. Some would call me paranoid, but I speak from experience.

Either I'm going to bite the bullet and finally do it, or the discs are going to continue to accumulate until my 5th anniversary at the company (coming in about a year) at which time I'll either have moved on to another company, been fired, or my division spun off, or re-organized to another position, at which point some other hapless hack will have to figure out what to do with them. Hmm... That last one sounds like a good idea.

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