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Boys Will Be Boys

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Boys Will Be Boys
Posted September 9 2008 08:10 PM by Bob Ryder 
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During my life's journey, I have gone many places and done many things. But the three most important things I have done is marry my wife Cathey of 34 years, and partner-up raising our two wonderful son's Zac and Casey. We raised our boys to respect others and enjoy life to its fullest.

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Sometimes I have felt sorry for Cathey while raising two boys, really three counting me. Ever since the boys were babies they went everywhere with us. The fam has always been into speed, I can remember when Zac was two-years old, Cathey and I went snow skiing at Mammoth. Most folks would check their kid into the child care center and hit the slopes for the day. Nope, we stuffed Zac into my backpack and we skied all day, racing down every slope with Zac screamin' all the way.
We had the boys in Indian Guides, Little League, AYSO Soccer, Pop Warner football, ice hockey, BMX racing, skiing, snow boarding, wake boarding, water  skiing, sailing, and Go Kart racing. We wanted the boys to have a good balance of sports and activities growing up.

One of the most fun for both the boys and I was when they were racing go karts. Zac began racing when he was eight and Casey began racing mini cup cars later. The boys practiced for about a year before racing competitively wheel to wheel. They raced, I tuned, and grandpa slept during the heat races, but was always awake for the mains. While participating in many ball and stick sports it was good for the boys to experience a non-team sport, where it was just them against other drivers and their machines. Of course if they didn't get the pole or win the race, it was my fault because I was the tuner. Not to mention they missed the braking point going into a corner, or missed the coners apex. The years of go kart racing were like a traveling circus the boys raced in the IKF  International Karting Federation. It was like a touring series racing at four different tracks in District 7. The classes the boys raced in Juniors 1 and 2, would draw 30 to 36 karts in each class.  The families that could afford motorhomes, stayed at the track and the rest of us would stay at the same hotel. While the kids swam in the pool the dads were busy knockin' back a few cold ones and bench racing. Many times the hotel parking lot was turned into a pit area as dads would pre-race tune their kids kart. The families would eat at the same resturants. Each race they would have two practice sessions, qualifing, two heat races and a main event. They got alot of seat time and were wore out at the end of the day. One thing cool about the races, if one of the kids had a problem with his kart, other dads would help, loan parts to get the kart fixed in time for their next race. It was all about the kids.

Zac an Casey hung up the racing helmets when they began high school, to focus on grades, school goverment, football, baseball and volleyball became their priorities.

The boys will tell you that the years racing go karts was the most fun they had sitting in a racing seat without a seatbelt.
I wouldn't trade a moment with my boys for anything, they mean the world to me. I am very proud of them both.

I am a very fortunate dad and husband.

Just livin' a dream and drinkin' the kool-aid
Bob Ryder

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