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In the Studio With Wes Allison

Truckin' Feature Studio Photo Shoot

In the Studio With Wes Allison
Posted September 16 2008 11:07 PM by Bob Ryder 
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So you have alway been curious how insane custom trucks are photographed in a studio enviorment. I spent the day in the Steve Giraud Studio with the cusotm truck and car industries "Sharp Shooter", Wes Allison. Check it out....

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Recently, I lined up a studio photo shoot with Wes Allison. I thought you might like to see what its all about behind the photographer during a Truckin' feature studio photo shoot.

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I met Wes about 8:00 a.m. we started breaking out his gear, drop cloths, lights, soft lights and light stands, power packs, power cords, horizon line structure, cameras, computer, and many other props and reflectors. The horizon line structure was erected then draped with black fleece material that will reflect a "horizon line" on the side of the vehicle. It takes about an hour to set up studio.
Once things were set up, we cover the white painted floor with drop cloths, eliminating leaving any black tire tracks on the white painted floor. Wes then directed Randy Palmer and insane '40 Ford into position inside the 40'X20' cove. The drop cloths were then removed from underneath Randy's '40, he then proceeded to slowly purge the pnuematic bags, laying out the black flamed beauty.
Wes then began statregically positioning photo lights and soft boxes around the cove area.
I was there to assist Wes by holding reflectors and moving lights.
Wes began by shooting the front 3/4 overalls from different elevations. He also shot close ups of the wheels/tires, front end, grille, Mercedes headlights, mirror. The hood was then lifted and Wes began photographing the immaculate Chevy 355 ci 671 BDS blown engine. Then Randy climbed in and activated the on-board air compressors then lifted his ride. Wes and I proceeded to throw down some drop cloths so Randy could drive out of he cove without leaving any black tire marks on the white painted floor. Randy turned around and drove into the cove with the rear facing the camera for 3/4 rear shots. Again Wes photographed the truck at different elevations and angles. The remote tonneau cover was then remotely raised and the tailgate was dropped, exposing the bed floor and chromed fuel tank. Wes finished off by photographing the lip stick red all leather interior.
Oh ya, I forgot to tell you after Wes shot Randy's 40' Ford, Randy went and got his red 37 Ford Delivery. Wes photographed the Delivery the same way he shot Randy's '40.

A day in the studio with the industries best shooter Wes Allison, and Randy Palmer's two sick rides reminds me why I love my job.

Yes sir, I'm livin' a dream and drinkin' the kool-aid....

Remember, Old Guys Rule!
Bob Ryder


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