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Its All About Being Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving

Its All About Being Thankful
Posted November 26 2008 01:50 PM by Bob Ryder 
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    This time of year is All About Being Thankful For What We Have, while thinking about those who don't.

    This year's Thanksgiving holiday has found our country stuck in a mud bog, and wondering how we got in this mess and better yet, how are we going to get out of it. There are people losing their jobs, homes, life savings and confidence in the past American goverment leaders and their administration. We are witnessing huge financial institution and corporations going under. Many are asking for  bailout money from the goverment/tax payers, to lift them back up and out of the muck they created by themselves. What about America's domestic "Big 3", automotive/truck manufactures. They are also guilty of creating their own financeial situation due to mismanagement of money and greed. But it seems their requests for goverment assistance to correct their failures has fallen on deaf ears. The American automotive industry seems to have been taken for granted for decades. Since it's conception it has been the backbone of this great country, and hopefully it will continue to be.

    We Americans must remember this is the greatest country on the planet. We must be optimistic , through hard work and sacrafice we will weather this current storm. By keeping our eyes focused out on the horizon, the waters will calm and the dark clouds will someday part, blue skys and sunshine will once again tenderize this great land we call home.
We might be down, but we will rise again to lead this world toward better days.....

    On this Thanksgiving day, forget about our country's current delemia. It is a day to spend with family friends and reach out to a stranger in need. We must enjoy each other for who we are, the American people.

    I will be spending my Thanksgiving with my wonderful wife Cathey, and two incredible sons, Zac, his wife Cody, and our other son Casey, and his girlfriend Alicia, at the the inlaws.

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    After a full-filling Thanksgiving feast, Cathey and I will be joining John Gilbert editor of Custom Classic Trucks magazine as we traditionally attend the 68th Turkey Night USAC Midget Races at Toyota Speedway of Irwindale. Its one of the biggest midget races of the year, drivers come form all over the world to compete.

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Happy Thanksgiving,
God Bless,
Bob Ryder

Remember, Old Guys Rule!

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