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Ford F-150 SVT Raptor 1st drive review

2010 Raptor: Part 3

Ford F-150 SVT Raptor 1st drive review
Posted August 28 2009 04:25 PM by Brandan 
Filed under: Editorials, Ford

Raptor SVT wide angle

 The 7-inch wider track necessitated wider bodywork of course, so all of the sheetmetal forward of the A-pillar is unique to the Raptor, and Ford designers have done a good a job as any to make the wide bodywork look top notch.

Ford Raptor Rear View

It’s probably the best-looking wide-body truck short of a one-piece fiberglass front end from a trophy truck. The fenders bulge out prominently from the headlights and blend back into the doors by way of a fender-mounted vent. The bedsides also flare out, but are more subtle than the front due to their length. The extra width also called for additional marker lights, which you can find across the tailgate in red and across the grille and front fender in amber. The lights are unobtrusive LEDs that appear white when not lit.
    Hermann Salenbauch, director of SVT, drove along the highway between Borrego Springs and Ocotillo Wells while I sat shotgun. He had to remind himself that the highway, unlike the dirt we had just left, had a speed limit, and he was making a point to drive slower than he had driven me on the dirt. Looking into the rearview mirror at a Raptor that was following us, he spoke about the wasp-like shape that came about because of the flared fenders and bedsides. Speaking with enthusiasm about the design and how aggressive the Raptor looked, I couldn’t help but look into the mirror on my side. The truck behind us didn’t look a bit out of place on the desert highway. In fact, the wider bodywork made it look like it was stalking us, looking for an opportunity to overtake us.

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