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Truckin's New Home PT1

Out With The Old

Truckin's New Home PT1
Posted March 4 2010 06:08 PM by John_Mata_Jr 
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Yeah, we've been harping on it a bit, and we're still a little unsure about how much you guys really care about our office move. Truckin's HQ has been based in Anaheim, CA. for quite some time now and to be honest, our old place fit us quite well!

The entire staff roots for the Anaheim Angels, except for our art director Rob Munoz. He likes the 'other LA' baseball team who I won't even give the satisfaction of mentioning. Come to think of it, he cheers on the ONLY LA team...the Angels still and will always belong to Anaheim!

Anyhoo, so back to the move. We are in Irvine now, the corporate, white collar headquarters of Orange County. Sure our custom trucks really, really, really stand out much more in our parking lot, but who cares? At least we are making our presence known around these parts. Hopefully Irvine PD won't crack down on us too hard.

So this first pic is our view from our OLD conference room on the 11th floor. Yep, thats the Big A, Anaheim Stadium! My favorite thing to do in a boring round table meeting was to stare out of that huge window and dream I was in my seat in section 406 that I'm in during about 80% of  home games.

The second image is our old sign out board. Many OTL (out to lunch) marks were made on this thing everyday, just to let everyone know where we were at if our asses weren't in seats. If we took a vacation day, a sick day, or spent a day or in Bob's case,WEEKS in jury duty, it was all posted for all to see on this board. (Side note: Bob would be happy to let you know that he enthusiastically cast his 'fry 'em' vote) If you notice on the top of the board, we also kept a live journal of the progress of our ongoing in-house project trucks.

Third image: Dan's old office. Yeah he had a great view of Angel Stadium and the 57 freeway. We all feel sooooo bad for him that he doesn't have that to look forward to all day....boooohoooo!

Next image is my old work space. Oh how I miss that cubicle, and my old commute! I lived about 6.5 minutes away from the old office. Ah, the good ol' days!

Directly to my left was a great view of Brandan. He looks like he's working, but more than likely, he's looking at pics of some obscure motor, playing with Photoshop, or just sitting there with his eyes closed. Nice try B, but I was hip to your game the whole time buddy!

Stay tuned for a tour of our new HQ soon fellas. I know you just can't wait to check out our brand new office furniture and pretty new carpet!! Please, try to contain yourselves!

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