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Military Issue 2010

Coming Soon!!
Posted May 6 2010 07:28 AM by John_Mata_Jr 
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Last year we put together an awesome military themed issue that was meant to show our appreciation to the defenders of our freedom. This year we are doing it yet again, and it's been an even better experience.


We've had the opportunity to meet many members of our armed forces over the last two years or so. Whether it was shooting at an actual base, or just communicating via phone calls or emails, we've heard some pretty amazing stories from some pretty amazing people.

One such story was told to us by SGT. Alex Maynard from the 82nd Airborne Bco 2-504 Parachute Infantry Regiment. Living in the desert for about a month at a time, this unit oftentimes has to do without simple luxuries that we often take for granted, such as a daily shower. With nothing more but their tents and their MRAPs (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle), which offer a few auxiliary amenities in the way of iPod audio inputs and outlets that the guys use to plug in a laptop and occasionally screen a movie or two. Other than that, it's all work and very little play for SGT Alex Maynard and Co. One item of entertainment that the guys are rarely without, however, is Truckin' magazine, which they say helps pass the time until they return to base to grab the latest issue. Needless to say, we couldn't be more flattered to hear that we can make a difference, albeit maybe a tiny one, in the lives of those putting their personal lives on hold for months on end in order to proudly serve their country.

We are currently wrapping up our second of many more to come military themed issues, and it's stories like this that inspire us to work even harder at delivering only the best content for each and every custom truck enthusiast out there...wherever you may be reading.

(The Jeep SRT-8 is SGT. Alex Maynard's personal ride, which he plans on making go even faster once he returns home.)

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SGT. Alex Maynard's personal ride

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