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Clearing Up the Confusion

Black Gold Cover Question

Clearing Up the Confusion
Posted June 22 2010 05:07 AM by DanWard-Editor 
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black gold

 I've been asked a couple of times now why our multi-part '57 Chevy truck project called Black Gold never appeared on our cover. That's a legitimate question and one I'll answer now.

On another site, one where I made a post on a competitor's forum, a reader wrote this:

I was at the Pismo Beach Car Show this weekend and I saw the Black Gold Project. Man what a nice truck. I followed the entire build series of that truck in Truckin Magazine only to see it buried in the middle of an issue with another truck on the cover. Did that truck not turn out nice enough for the cover or am I missing something? Like I said I saw that truck this weekend and it was amazing.

How can you do a 12 part build series called "How to build a Cover Truck" and put it on the cover?

This is my reply:

That’s a great and valid question, and one I should have addressed a while ago. “Black Gold”, the beautiful black classic built by Rodger Lee and his crew at Ironworks Speed and Kustom, in Bakersfield, is a 100% cover truck. As you followed along in our multi-part stories, if you follow their steps in your own build, you’d probably end up with a cover truck as well. Unfortunately, we (all magazine editors) don’t always have complete freedom when the time comes to put a truck or car on the cover. Deadlines, issue themes, and in this case, our bosses, all attribute to the final product. At the last minute, the top guy who could change the cover did, and unfortunately, Black Gold didn’t make the final version. Our boss said he was concerned such a nice and impactful classic Chevy would pull sales from our other classic truck mags (that’s one problem with having so many titles in our portfolio) and in one decision, the multi-part “How to Build a Cover Truck” series ended up not coming to fruition. It’s a shame. That truck is incredible, as it deservingly earned the GM Design Award and Meguiar’s Award at SEMA and wins Best of Show trophies at every show it attends. I tried my best to fight the decision, but I lost. I hope that clears up your question.

Also, about a month ago, I was frustrated at other magazines failed promises and made the poor decision to comment on Street Trucks’ forum. In that post, a question was raised about Black Gold and why it never ran on the cover and I mentioned how “we caught wind of a truck owner not being truthful to us.” When I wrote “a” cover truck owner, in my head I was thinking about the 3 trucks we had on the original cover and didn’t think about how it could be misconstrued. After talking to Rodger, he misinterpreted that as a reference to him. For the record, Rodger was completely honest with us, always has been, and I didn’t mean for that sentence to misconstrued. When I wrote that, I was referencing the orange truckster that was featured in the same issue and then unbeknownst to us, was also shot for Street Trucks (and came out in the same month’s issue). Rodger was upset, and I would be too, if I were in his shoes and read that reference. Sometimes the way you type a post doesn’t come across the way you think it does in your head and I don’t want anyone who read my misguided ramblings for the 3 days they were live to think it was him I was referencing. We talked it over, I manned up and admitted it was a mistake, apologized, and hopefully this is all past us now.

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