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Top two dream garage. Raptor? Power Wagon? Silverado? Denali?

What'll it be?

Top two dream garage. Raptor? Power Wagon? Silverado? Denali?
Posted September 20 2010 11:17 PM by Brandan 
Filed under: Editorials, Opinions

Ford Raptor Aerial Photo

Getting to drive all sorts of new production trucks has its perks. For example, there’s no way I can afford a Raptor, and even if I did I probably couldn’t stomach the thought of having it sandblasted by desert winds as I drove it 60+ miles per hour, sideways.

 On the other hand, when, in the middle of the desert, Ford handed me the keys and said something to the effect of, “Be careful, but have fun”, you can bet that that truck was sideways in no time. The only difficult part in driving all of the newest trucks and SUVs, along with photographing the nation’s top customs, is picking a favorite. If I had a garage, and the means to fill it, it would be tough to settle on just a handful of trucks to pick as my favorites. The factory trucks are easy. The aforementioned Raptor, a Ram Power Wagon, and a Sierra Denali HD would be my trinity of factory trucks that have the capability to do anything I could imagine, from all but the most extreme rock-crawling, to towing the heaviest load I’d ever feel comfortable hauling. The real challenge is picking my favorite style of customs and classics. Maybe it’s just a short attention span, but I never have a favorite custom truck for long before I see the next shiny paintjob and get distracted. That’s why I wanted to pose a question to you out there: If you could have only two trucks, one showroom stock, and one to customize, what would they be?

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