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What's the worst you've seen?

Car Accidents

What's the worst you've seen?
Posted February 15 2011 07:40 AM by Maximus Matthewson 
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 So driving into work today, I saw one of the craziest series of events that I have seen while driving.  I was on the 91-W just before the 241 splits off.  The freeway was cruising pretty good at about 70 MPH and a utility truck in the lane next to me...

 ...swerved, I thought to avoid something, but he had actually completely lost his front driver's side wheel.  This caused him to a throw a ball of sparks all over the freeway.  The cars behind him scattered all over the place.  Meanwhile, the PT Cruiser in front of me started swerving.  I then realized that the wheel from the utility truck was on the loose and bouncing across the freeway.  The tire bounced up landing on the hood of the PT Cruiser and then continued into the FasTrak lanes, only to turn back and head into my lane.  I had to swerve into the plastic bollards to avoid the tire hitting my truck.  This whole time, the utility truck is still sliding down the freeway throwing a ton of sparks.  The tire then continued back across towards the slow lane and hit the side of the truck that it had fallen off of.  As soon as I got passed that, a driver of an older Camry, apparently watching the carnage behind him, sped into the back of Toyota Highlander.  This disabled the Camry, but as I passed, the only thing I could see about the Highlander was some radiator fluid on the bumper.  So I guess the moral of this story is for a safe vehicle, by a Highlander...

What is the craziest accident you have seen???

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