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behind the scenes of a Truckin' Feature Shoot

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behind the scenes of a Truckin' Feature Shoot
Posted April 27 2011 10:17 AM by Brandan 
Filed under: Editorials, Upcoming Features, GMC

2008 GMC Sierra/Yukon


Ever wonder what kind of burnout 405/25R24s are capable of?

We had a pretty good idea of what this steamroller set of rear tires could do, but thanks to our buddy Ivan at Ground Zero, we didn't have to use our imagination. The standard disclaimer applies: We don't endorse the gratuitous toasting of a perfectly good set of tires, but if it’s going to happen anyway, it’s our duty as journalists to capture it in all its glory.

It all started as his feature shoot was wrapping up. Ivan asked if we wanted to shoot a burnout. What could we say? We couldn’t lie to the guy. Before Dan could even get the camera in position, Ivan was on the throttle, and before long he was completely obscured in a cloud of tire smoke.


Between the screaming tires, his cammed 5.3L bouncing off the rev limiter and the dense smoke, Ivan couldn’t hear or see the signals and calls for him to ease up on the tires. Or maybe he just chose to ignore them. When he finally gave the tires a rest, the aftermath was impressive. Two piles of rubber, 405 millimeters wide each, sat smoking on the pavement. They smoldered for the remainder of our photo shoots that evening. Even more amazing, there was still plenty of tread left on his Pirellis. Not enough for many more burnouts of that scale, but a lot more than we’d expected.


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