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Haters Beware

Color Blind: The Truth

Haters Beware
Posted May 3 2011 02:03 PM by DanWard-Editor 
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color blind

 Now that Issue 6 is officially off newsstands, I wanted to clear up a few misconceptions about the impressive truck that we placed on our cover.

color blind

 Around the world of custom trucks, Color Blind, as it is known, is the top dog at shows in Texas, Louisiana, and even Arizona. That elusive position atop the winner's podium is rightfully deserved as owner Tim Donelson put more than just his wallet on the line, he also worked his butt off making it one of the best trucks in recent memory.

On a few truck-specific websites, certain individuals felt the need to voice their ignorant opinions and the "hate" started spreading like a fart in an elevator. In the world of keyboard customizers, anyone who has an Internet connection instantly becomes an aficionado of fill in the blank. However, perception is not reality. Reality is getting out there and seeing what's happening and making an educated opinion.

Here is such an opinion:

1) Tim is a talented fabricator and did much of the work on the truck himself. Yes the team at Ekstensive did a lot of the work too, but it was a collaborative effort between Tim, Bill, Bob Grant, Derek, Rudy, and several others. (check out the photo of Tim welding in the old Ford dash a month before SEMA)

2) Tim's truck is beatable (though it hasn't been beaten yet at a major show that I know of). We put that word in bold on the cover not at his suggestion, but to stir controversy and get people talking about the issue, which it did. We're in the business of selling magazines.

3) It has more new mods on it than a simple color change and different speaker box from the first time we placed in on our cover in 2010. If you think it's the same truck but just blue now, we can't help you any further.

4) We reserve the right to put the best truck we can every month on the cover and his truck is definitely different enough to garner another place on our esteemed cover.

I want your feedback, so feel free to post a comment. I hope this puts to rest any lingering questions or truck drama that arose.

CLICK HERE to check out never-before-seen photos of Color Blind/ Quick Change.

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