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Welcome to the Truckin’ Magazine Blog. Read the editors and web staff’s rants, opinions, observations and breaking news on the world of Trucks. Feel free to register and comment. We welcome feedback from the truck enthusiast community.
2008 Nissan Frontier Road Test
Quick Spin: 2008 Frontier NISMO Posted November 27 2007 12:21 PM by Edward A. Sanchez

I first drove Nissan's re-designed Frontier back when it debuted for the 2005 model year. Though it followed suit along with most of its competitors in going from "compact" pickup to "midsize" it seems to have made the...

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Using your Ipod is hazardous to your health!
What is worse than talking on a Cell Phone when Driving? Posted November 16 2007 02:09 PM by Balboa455

Yesterday I was driving along and decided to use my after market AM/FM receiver Ipod interface to listen to some music. Unfortunately I, like most people, am not fortunate enough to have a new enough car with a...

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And What Exactly is "Perceived" Quality?
Why Does Everyone Do The Same Thing at an Auto Show? Posted November 16 2007 01:27 PM by Balboa455

I live in Southern California, and even though I have not yet been the Los Angeles Auto Show, I pretty much know what to expect. Not from the cars and trucks themselves, but how I and most everyone else will approach and...

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Classic Van and Trucks as Protected Works of Art
When is Customization a Dirty Word? Posted November 16 2007 01:19 PM by Balboa455

This notion was brought to the front of my mind by the recent SEMA 2007 show in Las Vegas. Looking at some of the pictures from the event, I began to wonder, what is happening to all the classic Van and Trucks out there?...

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My, What a Big Grille You Have!
First look at new for 2009 Dodge Ram! Posted October 24 2007 01:54 PM by Balboa455

Vital to the fortunes of the newly-purchased-by-Cerebrus Chrysler Corporation is the stunningly different looking (at least in this design sketch) 2009 Dodge Ram. It will be going toe to toe from the starting gates with...

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Reader Spots Future Vehicle Out Testing!
What on Earth Is That Thing? Posted October 22 2007 03:00 PM by Balboa455

Have you ever been driving down the road, minding your own business, when an odd looking grey colored vehicle goes speeding past you with body cladding and a seemingly endless array of tape trying to hide its shape? ...

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Can Ford Ever Regain the Trust of Consumers?
Why Am I Afraid to Buy the F-150 I Really Want? Posted October 22 2007 02:59 PM by Balboa455

I love Ford trucks. I even love the Ford Ranger, what with its bucking bronco ride and "a drunk circus monkey must have put this together" interior build quality. I think the simplicity of the design appeals to me, as it...

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2009 Ford F150
Can it regain its title as best in class? Posted October 16 2007 01:46 PM by Balboa455

Spy shots of heavily disguised 2009 Ford F150 test vehicles have slowly started leaking onto the internet, but nowhere have we gotten a true sense of what that all importanat truck will actually look like. Courtesy of...

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Random Channel-changing TV at La Quinta
Obsessed TV Posted October 4 2007 05:25 PM by Edward A. Sanchez

I had a great time accompanying the editors of Truckin' on this year's Truck and SUV of the Year testing. Sure, it was a lot of standing outside in the sun, drinking lots of bottled water, and eating some surprisingly...

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What to Blog when there's No News
The Blog About Nothing Posted September 27 2007 10:21 AM by Edward A. Sanchez

The world of digital media is an unforgiving place. The pace is often frantic, and the web is an insatiable beast constantly demanding to be fed. I wish I could say I was immune to this reality. Unfortunately I am not....

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Divorce Magazine Press Release
The Weird Things I Get in My Inbox Posted September 13 2007 05:42 PM by Edward A. Sanchez

I don't know how or why I get half the random press releases E-mailed to me that I do. I've gotten everything from E-mails about Tibetan political dissidents, to invitations to biofuel distribution conferences, as well as...

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truck enthusiast holiday gift guide
What do you want to unwrap this holiday season? Posted September 13 2007 12:24 PM by Brandan

It's that time of year again, the staff of Truckin is working on our issue #1, which will be on sale 11/20/07. Issue #1 will feature our Holiday Gift Guide, and we want to look out for you, our reader. So, in a bid to...

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12-second 4-cylinder Dodge Caravan
Flippin' Fast Minivan Posted September 13 2007 11:54 AM by Edward A. Sanchez

Okay, I couldn't resist this one. A co-worker of mine, knowing my affection for wagons and minivans, sent me a link to a 12-second turbocharged Dodge Caravan. This thing is unbelievably cool, if for no other reason than...

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Lincoln Mark LT to be dropped after 2008
So Long, Longhorn Lincoln Posted September 4 2007 11:45 AM by Edward A. Sanchez

It's been said, a difference, to be a difference, has to make a difference. I'm sure I've used that saying before in a blog post somewhere, but it fits in this case, so I'm going to recycle it. (Eat your heart out, Al Gore.)

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GM Hints at Direct-Injection Small-Block V-8
Small-Block - Still Ready to Rumble Posted August 30 2007 05:54 PM by Edward A. Sanchez

According to, General Motors showed off some interesting future variations of the venerable old small-block. Though many consider pushrod engines to be hopelessly out-of-date, and destined for the scrapheap...

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